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Ever wondered in to locks and keys aisle of the supermarket? There are amazingly many variations of master keys to locks that could be guarding your front door, and not everybody understands how locks really work, that is, except the person intending to trespass into your house or office. Burglary is a common crime in a city, and with so many thefts it is not easy for the police to catch with whoever did it. Hence, one better be safe than sorry and invest in an incorruptible lock system. South Plainfield Locksmith and The National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) advices you invest on high quality lock for your home security. A high quality security lock is pick resistant and stays cool against drilling and duplication of its key is controlled.

South Plainfield Locksmith can provide you with not only with the best lock for your area of residence, but also after services, such as lock maintenance, free professional security system advice and a 24 hr on call team of locksmith professionals ready to help if you get locked out.

The typical home door lock can hold back a burglar for at most 25 seconds, this is even less if it’s a car. This is because lock picking advice is available free on the internet and in fast paced lifestyle of South Plainfield its only a matter of time before someone practices on your door.

South Plainfield Locksmith recommends the following tips for you home security;

  1. Instead of using a particular spot to hide your door key, leave it the neighbor you trust the most especially when going for long trips or vacations.
  2. Make your doors visible at all times. Well lit areas of the house are less likely to be tampered with, this is because most burglars are opportunists they won’t strike where they can be seen easily
  3. If you see a stranger on your neighbor’s door, don’t confront him, its best to call your neighbor and ask whether or not they were expecting company in their absence. If not, call the police immediately. South Plainfield Locksmith recommends, better be safe than sorry.
  4. A doggy door lock if you have a doggy door should be installed. This is to prevent access to the back of your door, not to be unlocked from the outside.

For your car door lock South Plainfield Locksmith is at your service for any advice you need.

In the last 5 years South Plainfield Locksmith has served a wide range of satisfied clientele that would recommend their services, and still offer them with lock out services as they do happen. Apart from that, South Plainfield Locksmith offers job training and opportunities to interested individuals to help the unemployed in the community.